Real Estate as an
Investment Strategy

Access historically consistent returns from one of the most stable asset classes.

Passive Income

Watch your Parcl portfolio grow as residential neighborhoods increase in value.

Inflation Hedge

Rising home prices create opportunity for higher returns.


Access the returns of entire cities and neighborhoods rather than individual properties.

Save Time

Get the longterm benefit of real estate without the burdens of owning physical property.

The future of digital real estate

With Parcl, it's simple.

Parcl allows you to invest in a digital square foot of the most desirable neighborhoods around the world.

1. Diversify Your Way

Get exposure to premium real estate markets with no minimum investment.

2. Grow Your Portfolio

Benefit from the price movements of the real estate market without the hassle of owning or maintaining a physical property.

3. Sell When You Want

Exit your position and liquidate on your terms. Don't be locked into contracts for any longer than you want to.

A new type of investment

Smarter than a REIT or Fractional Ownership

Collect fees while providing liquidity to the Parcl AMM. Parcl designed the Pool interface to be simple and easy to use.

Scalable & Diversified

Don't be limited by pre-selected portfolios or investing in areas you don't want.

Lower Fees

Our model is built on keeping fees low. We chose the Solana network because of their incredibly low gas fees.

Increased Access

All types of investors are invited to use our platform. You don't need major capital to get started.

Secure Transaction

Transaction are secure and recorded on the Blockchain.


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crypto and real estate

Ways to Invest in Real Estate - the Pros and Cons

Ways to Invest in Real Estate - the Pros and Cons

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, yet it is illiquid with high barriers to entry. At the same time, there remains immense demand, from investors large and small, to gain access to real estate returns. This dynamic has catalyzed a growing sub-industry of alternative real estate investment platforms. In this article we will provide a comprehensive market landscape of available options and how Parcl is developing a differentiated real estate derivatives platform via blockchain rails.
A New Way to Invest in Real Estate [Waitlist OPEN]

A New Way to Invest in Real Estate [Waitlist OPEN]

The Parcl Protocol v2 waitlist is officially open! The Parcl Protocol is a DeFi investment platform that allows users to trade the price movements of real estate markets around the world. Users can discover global real estate markets, gain detailed insights, and have the opportunity to either buy or short real estate markets based on whether they think real world property values will increase or decrease.
COVID Stock Winners Have Round Tripped - What Does it Mean for Real Estate?

COVID Stock Winners Have Round Tripped - What Does it Mean for Real Estate?

The monetary policy response to COVID-19 was beneficial for most asset classes, given near 0% interest rates tend to drive investment and risk-taking. This dynamic was very obvious in technology stocks (as defined by the Nasdaq), cryptocurrencies, and real estate. In fact, real estate was the best-performing asset class on a risk (volatility) adjusted basis in 2021 with a Sharpe ratio of ~3 (as calculated by return/volatility).