Deliver real estate to everyone

The mission hasn’t changed

Parcl bridges traditional real estate investments with cutting-edge blockchain technology to provide data-driven solutions for modern investors. Parcl was built to revolutionize how users approach real estate as an investment towards generational-wealth.

By giving everyone the tools they need to access one of the world's most desired investment classes, Parcl aims to deliver real estate to everyone.


What is the Parcl Protocol?
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The Parcl Protocol is a DeFi investment platform that allows users to trade the price movements of real estate markets around the world. Users can browse global real estate markets, gain detailed insights, and have the opportunity to either buy or short real estate markets based on whether they think real-world property values will increase or decrease.

What am I investing in?
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Users of the Parcl Protocol are investing in the underlying price movement of the real-world property values of that given real estate market. This is similar to a derivatives exchange.

How are is the Parcl Price Feed calculated?
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The Parcl Price Feed aggregates public property records, public property listing data, county records, and various other sources of transaction history, fed into a custom valuation index. This then gets sent into an oracle for validation. The output is the Parcl Price Index which is the median price per square foot/meter of that area. Visit Parcl Labs for more information on Parcl's data initiatives.

What type of wallet can I connect to Parcl?
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The Parcl Protocol is built on Solana's blockchain and will initially allow connection through common Solana wallets, such as Phantom. Additional wallet compatibility will be introduced over time. Eventually, the Parcl Protocol plans to be fully cross/multi-chain.