Investing in Real Estate is difficult.

Real Estate is a lucrative investment class and can be a great way to build wealth and produce passive income.

Traditionally, real estate investing carries high barriers to entry and is dominated by wealthy investors.
Capital Intensive
The average down
payment is $40,000.
Time Consuming
Renovations and maintenance can take ages.
Lacks diversification
Limited by location, pre-selected portfolios, or properties you simply don't want.
Poor Liquidity
The average home owners hold on to their property for 8 years.

So we made it simple.

Parcl allows you to invest in a digital square foot of the most desirable neighborhoods around the world.

1. Diversify Your Way

Get access to premium real estate markets with no minimum investment.

2. Grow Your Portfolio

Benefit from the price movements of the real estate market without the hassle of owning or maintaining a physical property.

3. Sell When You Want

Sell your position and liquidate on your terms. Don't be locked into contracts for any longer than you want to.

Smarter than a REIT or Fractional Ownership

Scalable & Diversified: Don't be limited by pre-selected portfolios or investing in areas you don't want.
Lower Fees: Our model is built on keeping fees low. We chose the Solana network because of their incredibly low gas fees.
Increased Access: All types of investors are able to use our platform. You don't need major capital to get started.
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Build strong online communities with advanced marketing tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
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