The modern way to invest in real estate.

The Parcl Price Feed mimics the behavior of physical real estate markets – giving you access to price exposure without the burdens of owning real-world assets.

Exposure to real estate

Gain exposure to the price movement of entire cities and neighborhoods from anywhere in the world.

No minimums

Gain exposure to the price movement of entire cities and neighborhoods from anywhere in the world.

Available to the public

Parcl is available to eligible investors of any size, unlike other private real estate funds which are exclusive to high net-worth investors.

Low transaction fees

World-class exposure to real estate using crypto. Buy and sell your favorite neighborhoods and cities in seconds with low transaction costs.


Grow your portfolio

Select from a list of Cities and Neighborhood to start building your global real estate portfolio.

Personalized Investments

Choose from cities or neighborhoods to invest in that that you actually care about.

Portfolio Performance

View the performance of your portfolio to know exactly how you’re doing.

Real Time Trading

Buy or sell your Parcls at any time, with no extended lockups or high fees.


Be a market maker

Collect fees while providing liquidity to the Parcl AMM. Parcl designed the Pool interface to be simple and easy to use.

Easy Pool Setup

Simply choose one of three options, “Active” “Passive” or “Custom” depending on your specific investing goals.

Manage Active Positions

Quickly add or remove liquidity from open active positions and claim your accrued trading fees.

Earn Fees

Collect passive income by providing liquidity to the AMM pools, collecting trading fees from other users.

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Increase Your Buying Power

Borrow against your crypto to earn more crypto.

Borrow Against Collateral

Users can borrow Parcls against their deposited USDC collateral tokens by opening a vault position.

Manage Active Positions

LPs can go to the parcl UI to manage their position by adding more liquidity (i.e. tokens), removing liquidity, and/or collecting accrued trading fees.

Hedge The Market

By providing liquidity to our Parcl pools, you have the option of strategically shorting the real estate market. Bearish on real estate? Want to reduce your current portfolio risk? Use the time-tested investing strategy of hedging.