Simplified real estate investing

Access the hottest real estate markets all around the world, with one simple trading platform.

Invest how you think
the market will move

Simple directional trading, secured by blockchain.

Invest in your
favorite cities

Invest in the cities you know and love.
Whole cities give you more diversification than a single property.

Use data to make smarter trades

Leverage world class data insights to make more informed trades.

Start with just $1

Only invest what you’re comfortable with.

Maintain flexibility

Investment strategies change all the time. Easily enter and exit positions as your priorities change with liquid, fast, secure investing.

Use as an inflation hedge

Rising home prices create opportunity for higher returns.

Provide Liquidity to fund pools

Fund liquidity pools and earn passive income, without investing in a specific market.

10x Leverage

Increase your potential returns with leverage. Maximize your buying power up to 10x with mathematical leverage.

Collar Positions

Protect your investments with a collar position. Hold both a long position and a short position to help offset potential losses while also providing downside protection in case of price declines.

Investing is better with friends.

Join a community of real people who want to learn how to trade real estate markets.