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About Parcl

Parcl is a synthetic real estate protocol built on Solana. The team is experienced in blockchain engineering, data science, and traditional finance. We are well funded and looking to grow the blockchain engineering team in anticipation of a version 1 launch as well as beginning to develop a suite of complementary DeFi real estate protocols.

Initial Responsibilities

  • Write clean and well tested Solana programs using Rust/Anchor and TypeScript.
  • Maintain Parcl v1 as needed.
  • Perform internal code reviews and light audits.
  • Participate in system design.


  • 1+ years of experience writing smart contracts in production OR 2+ years of experience working with Rust in production.
  • Deep understanding of at least 1 blockchain and its programming model.
  • Precise and clear written/verbal communication.

Tech Stack

  • Rust/Anchor for on-chain programs.
  • TypeScript, Mocha, and Anchor for unit tests.

Nice to haves

  • Understanding of Solana’s programming model and accounts model.
  • Passion for Solana DeFi.
  • Understanding of DeFi primitives.
  • Understanding of traditional finance primitives.

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