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Price indexesrepresent median price per square foot/meter.

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Driven by Parcl Labs, Parcl price indexes are meticulously crafted from vast real estate data reservoirs, encompassing millions of data points from cities across the globe. As leaders in real estate analytics, Parcl Labs continually refines and recalibrates to ensure each index mirrors real-time, city-specific real estate values down to the median price per square foot. At Parcl, our commitment goes beyond numbers; it's about offering a transparent, authentic, and tradable view of the global urban landscape's evolving pulse.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Parcl?
Parcl is a decentralized real estate trading platform. Parcl offers city indexes that allow you to speculate on price movements of real estate markets across the globe.
How do Parcl's City Indexes work?
City Indexes represent the aggregate value of real estate in a particular city. Instead of trading individual properties, you can trade the index price that represents the median price per square foot (price/sqf) or square meter (price/sqm), giving you diversified exposure to an entire city's real estate market.
What is a decentralized trading platform?
A decentralized trading platform operates without a central authority. This means the platform runs autonomously, accounts are non-custodial, and trades happen directly between users.
How often are the city indexes updated?
City indexes are updated daily with millions of data points, providing the most accurate median price per square foot/meter for each city.
How can I start trading?
Starting to trade on Parcl is simple. Connect your Solana wallet, deposit funds, and you're ready to start trading your favorite cities. Dont have a wallet? Click here.
What's the minimum amount needed to start trading?
You can start trading with as little as $1. Parcl is all about making real estate accessible for everyone.
Can I go Long and Short on Parcl?
Yes, you can. Depending on your market analysis, you can take long or short positions on the city indexes. This flexibility allows you to act on your market predictions, be it bullish or bearish.

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