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No Minimum Investment

Parcl is available to all types of investors. Begin investing in the US Real Estate market with any amount you're comfortable with.

Immediate Liquidity

Parcl offers immediate liquidity. Anytime you want to pull your money, you're free to do so.

Low Transaction Fees

Our gas fees are almost unnoticeable. We built on Solana to avoid high gas fees common on other blockchains. 

More Exposure With Less Downside

We're Really, Really
Into Real Estate

The Real Estate Market is Booming and investing in Real Estate is now more compelling - and complex - than ever.

But with Parcl’s blockchain-based trading system, you can benefit from broad (or highly granular) exposure to High-Value Real Estate, which requires No-Minimum Investment, offers Immediate Liquidity, and carries Low Transaction Fees. Simply – you can trade your favorite neighborhoods just like you would trade stocks, ETF's, or any other highly liquid, marketplace-listed asset.

And that means Parcl gets you a lot more of the upside, with a lot less of the downside.


Parcl Data Feed connects to an oracle via an API to provide price/square foot per neighborhood to smart contracts which continuously track underlying price movement in any given Parcl Asset (pAsset).


Market participants can buy or sell Parcls or pAssets to gain exposure to real estate price movements across the United States and in the future, internationally.

Mint & Earn

Users can mint assets by providing collateral in stablecoins or pAssets to earn trading fees and liquidity incentives from the Parcl treasury.

How we make it happen

The Really, Really Smart Way To Invest In Real Estate

Gain exposure to neighborhoods around the U.S. with no minimum investment, immediate liquidity, and low gas fees.

SoHo | South Beach | Hollywood | TriBeCa | Back Bay

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