Community Allocation of PRCL

Published on
March 28, 2024

Initial Community Allocation of PRCL

Season 3 of the Points Trilogy has entered its final stretch, and detailed Tokenomics were released by Parcl Limited today.

See below for further details regarding the Parcl Community Allocation:

Early Parcl adopters: 75,000,000 (7.5% of total PRCL supply)

  • 75,000,000 PRCL will be distributed across Parcl Points holders.
    • The intent via Parcl Points was to grow the network & reward loyalty/consistency in particular. Durable growth is paramount for the Parcl Ecosystem.
    • Important: Points are still accruing via Season 3. The final snapshot has not yet been taken, final boosts have not been applied, and screening for ineligible activity is still underway.
    • Distribution details for the early adopter allocation will be shared next week.
  • Note that this is the first of many incentive distributions for Parcl Protocol participants. Points will continue well into the future as part of Parcl’s Perpetual Points program. The next distribution will take place in 2H2Q 2024. Stay tuned for further details.

Core Parcl community: 5,000,000 (0.5% of supply)

  • 4,000,000 (0.40% of supply) will be distributed to Homeowners Association (HOA) members. The HOA has been the bedrock of the Parcl community since its inception.
    • There will be two allocation rates: one for ‘Diamond Hands’ HOA holders who held throughout Parcl Points (from December 16th onwards) and another for those who joined later. The former allocation will be higher than the latter.
      • Diamond Hands: anyone who has held an HOA on 12/16 and presently holds one. This represents about half of the HOA holder base.
      • Common: Anyone who joined the HOA thereafter.
    • There is no further action needed from the HOA community beyond continuing to hold the HOA asset(s) in their wallet(s).
  • 1,000,000 (0.10% of supply) will be distributed to eligible Mad Lads.
    • Beyond the HOA, the Mad Lads and Backpack communities have the most significant overlap in terms of users of the Parcl protocol across the entire Solana ecosystem. MadLads represent the largest non-HOA community of participants on the Parcl dApp, and the Backpack wallet is the third most popular wallet on the Parcl dApp.
    • To be eligible, Mad Lad holders will need to secure their holder role in the Parcl Discord. Details for verification can be found in Discord. In doing so, they will join over 540 of their fellow Lads.
    • Parcl will continue to integrate further with the Mad Lads and Backpack community; stay tuned for further details.

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Parcl Team
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