Final Points Trilogy Leaderboard

Published on
April 9, 2024

Points Trilogy Leaderboard is Finalized

The final Points Trilogy leaderboard, including final loyalty/consistency boosts, is now live here.

The criteria for the loyalty/consistency boosts are as follows:

  • Season 3 base boost: Met the TVL and/or trading activity threshold for Season 3
  • Season 3 mid-tier boost: S3 base + S3 HOA snapshot
  • Season 3 plus boost: Met the TVL threshold for both Season 2 + Season 3
  • Season 3 max boost: S3 plus + HOA snapshot (S2 + S3)

Points earned in wallets that participated in any ineligible activity, such as delta-neutral trading, brazen & substantial Sybil activity, and unreported self-referrals, have been forfeited. Note that if a wallet was flagged for the aforementioned activity, there is a dispute link within the dApp UI. Please submit your dispute via that form and only via that form. Do not abuse the dispute system.

Wallets that voluntarily reported self-referrals will lose only Points attributed to ineligible activity.

The updated leaderboard will be the general basis for the initial distribution of PRCL to early Parcl adopters (Points holders). Parcl will communicate a detailed distribution methodology ahead of the initial claim. Note that the vast majority of users will receive an allocation approximately in proportion to their respective Points balance. Also, note that decentralization is an important factor for ecosystem health, and as such, some modest adjustments are required. Going forward (i.e., Perpetual Points), network incentives will be exactly proportionate to Points balances.

Parcl Limited plans to launch the initial claim site early next week, at which point ecosystem participants - including early Parcl adopters, eligible HOA holders, and eligible Mad Lads - will be able to see their specific PRCL allocations. Given recent Solana network congestion, Parcl believes it's prudent to initiate the claim process immediately following expected network upgrades.

Perpetual Points Season 1 is currently underway. The leaderboard will go live after Parcl Limited’s initial distribution of PRCL; rest assured that Perpetual Points are accumulating via on-chain activity.

Points denominations for Season 1 of Perpetual Points are as follows:

  • LP = 7 points per dollar per day
  • Trading
    • OI = 1.25 points per dollar per day
    • Fees generated = 0.5 points per $1 of fees generated
    • Realized losses = 100 points per $1 of losses realized
  • HOA boost: 25% (up from 20%) for the first HOA and 5% for each thereafter
  • Liquidation Executions (bot): 50,000 points per account liquidation performed

Perpetual Points will culminate in a second distribution of PRCL to the community in the back half of 2Q 2024. This distribution will be the largest within the Perpetual Points program.


Please ensure to accept the Parcl Points Program Terms & Conditions, which are detailed here; agreeing to these terms is required to participate in the Points program. Please read these Terms carefully.

The information provided on this blog is for general informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice or as a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or investment product. The information on this blog is not intended to be, and should not be, relied upon as a substitute for individualized investment advice. The company and its management make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information or opinions contained on this blog. Be sure to review all rules & terms that apply to this and any other contest offered by Parcl or its affiliates.

Parcl Team
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