How To Confirm Your Whitelist Spot

Published on
July 31, 2022

Now that TestNet is coming to a close, there is only one way for users to gain a WL spot and that via our Discord channel as an event reward. But, if you don't verify your WL spot, you'll not be eligible to mint your own HOA NFT.

Let’s chat more about what you need to do in order to verify and be eligible for a WL spot. 

Discord Whitelist & Verification Via Blocksmith 

The Parcl community managers will occasionally host events with rewards including WL spots. If you happen to win one of these spots, you’ll need to verify your spot otherwise it won’t be counted. 

Please note that most WL events have now ended, but be sure to check out our Discord for any remaining WL events - 

Here are the steps you need to take in order to verify your WL spot: 

  1. Click this link - 
  1. Login + Authenticate with your Discord account
  1. Connect Wallet (Ledger not supported/Phantom recommended)
  1. After connecting, make sure you click LINK and then proceed to the dashboard, it should come up with a Parcl section. 
  1. Hit the “Obtain Whitelist” button then “Verify”
  1. Once you verify you should see "Whitelist Obtained" 

Do not unlink your wallet on the Accounts page after whitelisting, as your default address is the one that will be used for the whitelisted address.

You will be only allowed to obtain a whitelist if you have an @Future Homeowner (WL) role or if you were selected from the 2000 Testnet Whitelist Giveaway (don't worry we have your Solana addresses)

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