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Published on
July 31, 2022

Because while we are a growing team, the culture is our foundation — the byproduct of each team member. The Web3 space has some unique cultural dynamics (often front end loaded incentives, decentralization, etc), and, in our view, it’s important to be mission-driven and establish the optimal culture in order to drive long-term impact.

Parcl’s Culture

We are working on a massive opportunity. To achieve our mission, we must establish a culture of constant growth that maximizes the potential of each team member, generating the collective momentum necessary to rise to this timely occasion.

To create this culture, we effectuate several core tenets:

  1. Find people who believe in our mission — to Deliver Real Estate to Everyone
  2. Establish ambitious goals and work collaboratively to achieve them
  3. Create trust through autonomy and personal accountability
  4. Encourage risk-taking; “failure” is just experiential learning
  5. Instill open and transparent communication — the bedrock of team cohesion
  6. Advocate for inclusivity and equality; we believe organizations that are fluid and nimble are the most successful
Diagram of defining Parcl’s Culture

To that end, we aim to nurture two flywheels that are interrelated. First, we are seeking great people; empathetic, low-ego, collaborative, inclusive, mission-driven, and willing to tackle difficult challenges. If we continue to attract great people, we will foster our great culture and develop a great platform.

Second, we start to spin the execution flywheel. Some of our ethos is derived from Ray Dalio’s Principles, in which he outlines an optimal flywheel. In short, find great people (who are driven by tackling huge challenges) -> set big goals -> execute & work tirelessly to achieve these goals -> success -> setbacks & calibrate -> learn -> set higher goals.

It’s about finding growth in ourselves and each other, where it is never a culture of competition but a culture of collaboration, an energy that drives us forward together. Cultures that are founded on a growth mindset attract more great people, which is fuel for the flywheel. Parcl’s flywheel is firmly intact, and it’s our mission to maintain that momentum!

The Parcl Team

Our team currently consists of 14 talented people (with 2 more on the way) who collectively possess extremely diverse experience and expertise ranging from Wall Street to Big Tech to Ph.D. level research. Companies our team members have worked for include: Microsoft, Millennium, Pudgy Penguins, NetJets, Nomura, Data Robot, Billion Dollar Boy, Afito, Lazard, and Capital One.

Trevor Bacon // Founder & CEO

Before Parcl, Trevor was a portfolio manager at several hedge funds focused on the technology sector — specifically software, payments (where he was introduced to blockchain 5 years ago), and internet. Before moving into investments, he was a VP at Barclays. His career started at Lazard.

Kellan Grenier // Co-Founder & COO

Kellan brings a plethora of experience, including eight years as an investment analyst in TradFi and most recently working at a Long/Short TMT-focused Hedge Fund. He also worked at a global investment bank.

On top of that, he has been involved in the crypto & blockchain space for over five years, analyzing and investing in various tokens & Web3 projects.

David Josephs // Lead Blockchain Engineer

David originally studied Finance at Emory University and then pivoted to work in the film industry for a few years after graduating. He later learned how to code and has since led blockchain engineering projects for clients across the globe.

When he’s not coding away for Parcl, he spends his time binge-watching Marvel Universe movies. He also wanted to add his record against the rust compiler is 0–1e9.

Tom Bonanni // Lead Front End Engineer

Tom developed the UI/UX and SDK for Parcl’s React dApp and has a passion for researching new technologies and developing decentralized products. Tom is a full-stack engineer, designer, and was a co-founder of Afito, a college-housing rental platform.

Join Us on Our Mission to Bring Real Estate to Everyone

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team across the entire organization. If you’re interested in joining Parcl, please reach out to or DM us on Twitter @parcl

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