Parcl Announces Donna Scarola as Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer

Published on
July 31, 2022

Donna Scarola joins Parcl as Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer

Donna Scarola

New York, NY, January 25, 2022— Today, Parcl, the blockchain-based real estate platform that allows users to invest in a digital square foot of physical real estate in the most lucrative neighborhoods around the U.S, announce Donna Scarola as Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer, where she will be focused on building the people function and building a culture that reflects Parcl’s purpose and mission, which is To Bring Real Estate To Everyone.  Donna was most recently the Global Head of Human Resources Ethicon Supply Chain at Johnson & Johnson and is currently an Adjunct Professor at New York University teaching the Agile Methods & Organizations in the Human Capital Analytics & Technology Masters Program.  

Parcl is a digital real estate protocol built on Solana, a blockchain specifically designed to host decentralized and scalable applications.The Parcl Protocol allows users to invest in and trade-specific geographical markets, which can be used for directional investment and hedging strategies in a traditionally opaque and walled-off asset class. An individual Parcl is a digital representation of the price per square foot in a given geographic area that has been collateralized by crypto assets.

Parcl CEO Trevor Bacon said, “I am thrilled to have Donna join the team. Her seasoned expertise in people and talent across major corporations and startups will bring a wealth of knowledge and she will be instrumental in building a culture of growth toward our mission of bringing real estate investing for everyone. Our team possesses an extremely diverse experience and expertise set ranging from Wall Street to Big Tech to Ph.D. level research with team members coming from Microsoft, Millennium, Pudgy Penguins Project, NetJets, and Capital One.”

Donna’s work has spanned building talent products for enterprises to creating and revamping performance strategies inside of them. She has worked at Workday, Reflektive, and Johnson & Johnson. She most recently was the Global Head of Human Resources for Ethicon Supply Chain (Johnson & Johnson). Ethicon is an 8 billion dollar organization that has contributed to the advancement of surgery for over 100 years. Previously Donna led Global Performance and LeadershipModel for Johnson & Johnson, where she revamped their performance experience for all 130,000+ employees worldwide, in over 14 languages. Earlier in her career, she focused on product management, where she helped develop talent and performance software for startups to enterprises alike.

Parcl Chief People, Purpose & Culture Officer Donna Scarola, said, “ I joined Parcl because I wanted to join an organization whose purpose aligned to my own, and the opportunity to bring value to an industry that is shaping its possibility. While Culture, Purpose, and People can be the determinants that make a place to work great, they are also simultaneously influenced by the market/industry in which they operate. In Web3, blockchain, and crypto, the market is evolving rapidly. This is a compelling opportunity for both myself and the Parcl team to design a new type of organization that leads with purpose and culture first– shaping both our internal and external worlds with people at the center. Some of the most defining aspects of our culture are the commitments to DEI, growth mindset, and democratization in the markets in which we operate.”

Donna has taught Performance Management & Workforce Development at San Francisco State University. Currently, she is an adjunct instructor at New York University in the Human Capital and Analytics Master's program, where she teaches Agile Methods and Organizations. The thread throughher career is the intersection between technology, people, and behavioral science to answer the question: what drives amazing people to do outstanding work?

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Parcl is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to invest in a digital square foot of physical real estate in neighborhoods across the U.S. The Parcl Data Feed continuously tracks the underlying price movement in any given Parcl - allowing users to benefit from broad (or highly granular) exposure to desirable Real Estate. Parcl requires No-Minimum Investment, offers Immediate Liquidity, and carries Low Transaction Fees so investors can now trade their favorite neighborhoods just like they trade crypto, ETF’s, or any other highly liquid, marketplace-listed asset. For more information visit

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