Parcl March Recap 2023

Published on
March 15, 2023

A lot has been accomplished in the past month, from the first trading contest to new feature integrations and educational courses. Thank you to all who have participated, as there are many exciting things planned for the coming months. Stay tuned!

Feb/March Highlights

March Town Hall 

To hear the full recording of everything covered at the town hall you can listen to the recording here:

Notifi 🤝 Parcl

Parcl integrated the with Notifi to bring notifications directly into the dapp. Traders can stay up-to-date on market alerts + new features, you can now opt-in to notifications on Parcl.

✅ Market Alerts

✅ Feature Releases

✅ UX Research

Parcl Creator Academy

The Parcl Creator Academy officially launched. Designer, writer, video creators, meme lords, or influencers, are invited to express their creative talents to create educational + engaging content  to the Parcl community.

Showcase your talents by creating educational + engaging content for the Parcl community. Join the Parcl Discord for additional details on how to participate and begin your first quest.


Between Feb 14- March 3rd Pacl traders around the world participated in the #ForTheLovoeofRealEstate trading contest. While competition was close, there were 10 lucky winners who split a prize pool of $500 in liquidity tokens, and the top three traders also won NFTs from projects such as Famous Fox Federation, Catalina Whale Mixer, and Orcanauts.

Congratulations to the top 10 traders for crushing it and showing some epic trading skills 🏆

Trading Parcl Funding Rates

Learn how to trade funding rates on Parcl by monitoring market sentiment between long + short traders:

Parcl Trading Experience Feedback

Parcl wants to hear from YOU! Parcl is interviewing traders to ask questions and collect feedback to improve the trading experience. Here's how to participate + be eligible to earn $5 in SF Liquidity Tokens:

✅ You must have already traded on Parcl

✅ Fill out the questionnaire:

✅ Be selected + complete a trader interview

AssetDash Learn

Parcl participated as one of the first courses that helped launch AssetDash’s Learn center.

You can learn about crypto + investing while earning rewards along the way 🎁 AssetDash Learn puts your knowledge to the test.

Fintech.TV 🤝 Parcl

Kellan Grenier sat down with Fintech.TV’s Alicia Nieves anchor to discuss Parcl and a new way to invest in real estate. Rising interest rates = more volatile real estate pricing + region-specific demand.

Watch the full interview here:

Not Boring Podcast

Parcl Founders Trevor, Kellan and Jason spoke with the one and only Pack McCormick on his Not Boring podcast. The podcast featured an incredible discussion about the inefficiencies of real estate data, and presented a brighter future for real estate investors internationally.

Roadmap Consolidation

Parcl is maintaining focus on their trading platform and are integrating the HOA / Community roadmap into their own. While the HOA was not intended to be an NFT-only project and some may have bought into it with more NFT-specific intentions, Parcl remains committed to making at least one HOA a must-have for the most dedicated believers. The new roadmap will remain aligned with the core mission of delivering real estate to everyone, which means increasing awareness for and activity on Parcl’s trading platform.

For those holders/community members that are less interested in Parcl’s vision for trading global real estate, we respect that decision; there will be a standing collection offer on Magic Eden at 0.65 SOL. We maintain a high level of confidence in the success of Parcl and the strength of our community

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Parcl Team
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