Parcl Points: Season 2

Published on
January 26, 2024

More Points, Increased Yield, Enhanced UI, New Markets, and More

  • Part Two of the Trilogy: Season 2 kicks off today, January 26th.
  • Points rates boosted: 4 Points per 1 USDC of LP capital per 24 hours and 2 Points per 1 USDC of Open Interest per 24 hours.
  • Consistency Snapshot: Taken on January 24, 2024, to initiate a points boost for the most loyal Parcl traders, LPs, and eligible HOA holders (highest boost!).
  • Coming Soon: LPs will earn more & have an enhanced understanding of LP performance. The LP share of fees generated is being raised to 80%. Fees are increasing from 1/6bps maker/taker to 2/10bps, with the entire increase benefitting LPs.
  • Upcoming AMA Session with Parcl dev team: Scheduled for January 28, 2024, on X.

The crypto world’s fixation on Points has reached a fever pitch. The Parcl community recognizes that while Points, unlike diamonds, are not forever, consistency & loyalty creates a blood bond. This appreciation is central to the introduction of Season Two.

Enter Season Two of Parcl Points - the penultimate season catalyzes loyalty into opportunity and crystalizes engagement into partnership. 

At its core, Season Two will deliver several structural improvements to the Parcl V3 architecture and dApp UI. These reinforcements focus on organically enhancing the LP experience - through more trading fees and visibility into the drivers of LP performance, both in real-time and historically.

Launching today, January 26th, Season Two will be shorter than its predecessor while enhancing Points earning rates, establishing consistency & loyalty measures, introducing new trading markets, and charting a path towards further decentralization and community governance.

Season Two = Major Upgrades

  • Increased Points for LPs and OI: The inaugural season saw traders earning a steady 1 point daily per USDC in Open Interest and 3 points daily per USDC of LP deposits. In Season 2, the stakes are raised: 4 points for every USDC in LP deposits, 2 points for each USDC in Open Interest. Traders & LPs will want to remain involved in Season 2 to maintain their positions on the leaderboard.
  • HOA Boost: HOA holders continue to represent Parcl's most valued community members; the existing 20% boost for the first HOA and 5% boost for each HOA thereafter is being maintained.
  • Consistency Snapshot: On January 24th, a snapshot was captured of every wallet with open trading positions and active LP capital deposits. This established the foundation for a unique, one-time points boost (15% for eligible HOA holders, 5% for ineligible/non-HOA holders) to honor loyal Parcl traders and LPs. In order to be eligible for the incremental boost, HOA holders must have held on 1/24 at least 50% of the HOAs they held on 12/16. This snapshot is the first of several, recognizing and rewarding consistent participation.
  • Upcoming Opportunities for Developers: In the near future, Points earning opportunities will be introduced for those who develop and implement Withdraw Settlements and Liquidations. More details will be announced soon – an opportunity not to be missed.
  • Market Expansion: Several new trading markets are being unveiled in the coming weeks, each selected to enhance Parcl’s diverse product offerings. For LPs, this implies a heightened potential for fee-generating activities. More details on these new markets will be revealed soon.

Enhanced Incentive Alignment

LP Enhancements

  • Fee Increase for LPs: Trading fees are rising from 1/6bps maker/taker to 2/10bps. This increase is fully directed towards benefiting LPs. Additionally, the LP share of fees generated is being enhanced, boosting it from 70% to 80%, meaning all incremental fees will go to LPs. This will be rolling out within the coming days.
  • Locked Open Interest Increase: To bolster the security and stability of the exchange for all users, the locked open interest ratio is increasing from 20% to 40%. This will also roll out within the coming days.
  • 30-day Lockup: The current 30-day lockup period remains unchanged. However, the Parcl development team is actively considering extending this period to 90 days. This potential change aims to support expanding into new markets and asset classes, ensuring sustainable growth and increased stability.

UI Enhancements

  • Estimated LP APY in UI: The updated user interface will soon feature an estimated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) display. This new addition is tailored to give LPs a clearer insight into their performance, enhancing strategic decision-making with real-time data. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.
  • LP Share Price Chart: LPs can now visualize their financial journey with the new LP Share Price Chart. This feature allows LPs to track the historical price movements of their 'LP shares' over different timeframes, providing a deeper understanding of exchange performance trends. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.
  • Historical Trading Notional Volumes: To enhance LPs' market awareness, Parcl is introducing a graph that showcases daily trading volumes over various periods. This visual representation of trading activity will help LPs gauge market trends and fluctuations. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.
  • Historical Trading Fees: Complementing the trading notional volume graph is a feature to display historical trading fees. This enhancement gives LPs a clearer picture of fees earned by the exchange & LP pool over time. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.

The Journey Ahead

All good things must come to an end - the Grand Finale of Season 3 will draw this Parcl Points trilogy to an exhilarating close with a can’t-miss event that will supercharge the development of and governance over the Parcl network; further details are still taking shape.

At Parcl, loyalty builds strength, and the HOA remains the North Star for Parcl’s power players. HOA holders can anticipate a continuation of special protocol perks (such as boosted Points) and more in upcoming seasons, and beyond. To that end, HOA holders should stay tuned for future sequels to the Points trilogy...

As Parcl ventures into these new phases, consistent participation will be your key to opportunity. For more details and to take the first step towards a more authentic and rewarding real estate trading experience, visit the Parcl dApp website to get involved now.

Discover how Parcl is redefining real-world assets, and stay tuned for more exciting updates by following us on X (hint: turn notifications on 😉).


Please ensure to accept the Parcl Points Program Terms & Conditions, which are detailed here; agreeining to these terms is required to participate in the Points program. Please read these Terms carefully.

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Parcl Team
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