Parcl Protocol Launches The First Real Estate Investment Protocol

Published on
January 9, 2023

The Parcl Protocol is officially live for Homeowners Association NFT holders, with spots released from the 50,000+ person waitlist weekly. The protocol will be available to all users in early Q1*.

The Parcl Protocol is designed to make it simple and convenient for anyone to access the real estate market, regardless of their experience or financial resources. With The Parcl Protocol you can explore global real estate markets, leverage local insights, and have the opportunity to either buy or short real estate markets based on whether you think real world property values will increase or decrease. 

To provide users with the most accurate and reliable data to trade on, Parcl prices are powered by the Parcl Price Feed, which represents the median price per square foot/meter in a given market, aggregated at either the city or neighborhood level, and updated daily. The price feeds leverage AI/ML to provide real-time, context-driven, and hyperlocal location data and insights. 

To enhance the trading experience for all protocol users in v2, critical improvements including improving UI/UX, increasing peg stability, ensuring solvency, reducing credit risk, and offering optional liquidity providing have been made. 

One of the key benefits of The Parcl Protocol is that it allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and potentially earn passive income through multiple real estate markets. By investing in a range of real estate indices, you can spread risk and potentially increase your chances of success. Shorting allows you to hedge your investments both within the Protocol or physical property owned elsewhere. View Whitepaper 

Parcl bridges an established investment class, real estate, with cutting-edge blockchain technology built on Solana, to provide data-driven solutions for the modern investor. Using blockchain and a synthetic real estate format, provides efficiency of development an on-chain clearing house, whilelowering the barriers to gaining access to the asset class. Past models — like fractionalization — require significant capital up front and then time to close, which limits scale.

Parcl was built to revolutionize the way users think about real estate as an investment towards generational wealth. By giving everyone the tools they need to access one of the world's most desired investment class, Parcl aims to deliver real estate to everyone.

Built differently than other fractional real estate platforms like Fundrise, or Propy – Parcl takes a novel approach to increase liquidity and improve scale, using derivatives. Real estate derivatives such as Parcl can improve diversification and add stability (reduce volatility) within a portfolio with a total addressable market (TAM) for real estate derivatives that could be as large as $400tr in notional value or ~$8tr in net exposure.

Some of Parcl’s core features

Simple two-way trading: Buy or short real estate markets depending on how you think the market will move with as little as $1. 

Global Discovery:  Explore the world’s most desired cities around the world with an interactive map. Sort markets by price trends, top gainers, or geographical locations. 

Local Insights: Leverage data and market insights from trusted real estate data providers to make smarter trades. 

Portfolio Management: Track your investment performance at a glance with a detailed breakdown of each of your investments.

Simplified LP’ing: Comfortably provide liquidity to pools with a neutral position to earn fees on trades.

Leverage [Advanced]: Increase your buying power up to 10x with mathematical leverage. …and more

Want to start using Parcl V2?

Current HOA Holders: You can start using it now! Just go to and connect your wallet.

Reminder: Parcl Protocol is restricted in some markets, including the United States. For a full list of restricted areas please visit our T&S.

If you’re on the waitlist: Waitlist members will be granted access via email in the order in which they are on the list. You are still able to move up the list by referring more friends.

Everyone else: Parcl will be available to everyone in mid Q1. All members will be notified via email when they are granted access.

Thank you for your interest in our product. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

The Parcl Team

*Users in the United States and several OFAC sanctioned regions remain restricted from using the Parcl Protocol at this time.

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Parcl Team
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