Parcl's February Trading Contest: A New Challenge Awaits!

Published on
February 2, 2024

February marks the beginning of another exhilarating trading contest on Parcl, running from February 1st 00:00 UTC to February 29th 23:59 UTC. With a generous prize pool and the chance to demonstrate trading expertise, this contest promises to be a battleground for the most skilled traders.

Prize Details

The competition heats up with $2,000 allocated for the top three performers ($1,000 for the first place, $600 for the second, and $400 for the third). Beyond the top three, the contest offers a maximum prize pool of $10,000 for traders who rank in the money, specifically designed to reward up to 203 participants.

Contest Dynamics

  • Community Growth: For every new trader - up to 203 - ranking In the Money, an additional $50 is tossed into the communal prize pot. It's an excellent opportunity to bring in friends and elevate the competition.
  • Measurement of Success: Rankings are based purely on the total USDC earned, focusing on realized profits and losses.
  • Rules of Engagement: Only realized P&L affects leaderboard standings, encouraging traders to strategize their positions wisely.
  • Open Timing: There's no restriction on when positions must be opened, as long as the P&L is realized within the contest window.
  • In the Money Specifics: A cap of 203 traders will share in the extended prize pool, with distribution favoring those higher up the leaderboard. This section also enjoys exclusive eligibility for the contest's raffled prizes.

NFT Raffle

In addition to the USDC prize pool, In the Money Traders raffle for 7 exclusive NFTs, including 5 Eternally Staked Vanta NFTs from AssetDash and 2 HOA NFTs.


The February Trading Contest on Parcl sets the stage for a month filled with strategic trading, community engagement, and substantial rewards. Whether you're aiming for the top of the leaderboard or rallying friends to join the fray, the contest offers something for every ambitious trader.

Stay tuned for updates and may the best traders prevail!

Join the contest now and elevate your trading journey on Parcl.

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