The Parcl Homeowners Association Giveaway

Published on
July 31, 2022

The Homeowners Association launched on April 12th, 2022 and sold out within 30 minutes of going live on the MagicEden launchpad. Since then, volume on MagicEden alone has reached >17,000 SOL. 

The Parcl HOA community wallet currently has approximately 4,200 SOL to use towards both charitable efforts and to invest in building out HOA utility for our community members. 

In previous updates, we had detailed our plans to help one individual or family buy a home and pay the housing costs of five additional winners.

In this article, we’ll outline the process and eligibility criteria for your chance to win one of these life changing prizes.

Our Mission

Our mission at Parcl is to deliver real estate to everyone and a primary goal of ours has always been to level the playing field for those priced out of real estate investing. 

Real estate is the cornerstone of the “American Dream’ but with steadily increasing inflation, a housing supply crisis and significant institutional participation in the residential real estate market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder as a homeowner or as an individual investor.

We’re building a protocol that will allow the average citizen a new & unique way to gain exposure to the U.S. and soon, international real estate markets, all thanks to innovative Web3 technology. 

The Giveaway Details & How To Get Involved

Our commitment to returning mint funds to the community will be split into two separate giveaways: 

  1. The Housing Giveaway 
  2. The Rent Giveaway 

The Housing Giveaway

With mortgage and rent prices increasing significantly in recent months, being able to afford housing has become increasingly out of reach for many folks.

Parcl has partnered with the Suh Family Foundation to provide one lucky winner with a down payment on a home, worth up to $100,000, including a full year’s worth of mortgage and tax payments (equivalent housing costs).

The housing giveaway competition will run from May 24th until June 3rd with the objective of finding one grand prize winner. 

To enter, simply post a short TikTok using the #ParclHomeGiveaway hashtag and tell us why owning a home is important to you. 

You can make as many videos as you’d like, just make sure to use the #ParclHomeGiveaway hashtag. 

In addition to the video, You’ll also need to fill out an application form on the contest landing page.

Once the deadline has passed, Parcl along with the Suh Family Foundation will pick a group of five finalists based on but not limited to, who has the most moving story, and engagements on their video by our community. 

Once the contestants have been narrowed down, the Parcl community will have 24 hours to vote on who they think deserves the grand prize.

The Rent Giveaway

The rent giveaway will be exclusive to our Homeowners Association NFT community. This means that to be eligible, you’ll need to hold an HOA NFT. We want to make this exclusive to our HOA community to show our gratitude for the support we have received thus far. 

In June, the HOA [Parcl, in conjunction with giveaway partners such as the Suh Family Foundation] will hold a raffle where five eligible community members [HOA holder contest winners] can receive up to $2,000 worth of rental or equivalent housing costs each month for one full year.*

Each HOA held will count as one submission into the raffle contest. So, the more HOA’s you hold, the greater your chances of winning. 

Once the Rent Giveaway contest is launched, all you will need to do** is connect your wallet to a TBA landing page and verify ownership of at least one HOA NFT.

Stay tuned for more details.

*where permissible by law
**assuming other eligibility criteria have been met

Shared content and posted charts are intended to be used for informational and educational purposes only. Parcl does not offer, and this information shall not be understood or construed as, financial advice or investment recommendations. The information provided is not a substitute for advice from an investment professional. Parcl does not accept liability for any financial loss or damages. For more information please see the terms of use.

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