The Roadmap to Parcl v2 and Beyond

Published on
January 2, 2023

From helping launch the HOA NFT, to releasing the first Parcl Labs price feeds, to Mainnet Alpha of the v1 protocol, 2022 has been a foundational year. Parcl is incredibly thankful for everyone who has been a part of the journey so far, and thanks to your participation + feedback, v2 will be an even better trading experience.

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The v2 Parcl Protocol will be launching on January, 2023.  This will be a new chapter and as the year is coming to a close, Parcl + the HOA is excited to share with you a 2023 roadmap.

2022 Q4

Protocol v2 Whitepaper

As the holidays are near, Parcl is excited to drop the long-awaited white paper for the v2 Parcl Protocol

Everyone now has a place to learn more about the technical backend and functionality of the Parcl Protocol.

2023 will be a big year for both Parcl and the community. If you have any questions regarding the white paper, feel free to reach out via Twitter or Discord.

Check it out here:

2023 Q1

HOA Early Access to v2 Parcl Protocol Alpha

Coming in January, 2023, all eligible HOA NFT holders will have early access to use v2 Parcl Protocol. Parcl knows how excited the community is to explore and trade Real Estate Cities & Neighborhoods, and can’t wait to open up access to the community.

Portals Launch Party

Parcl is excited to announce that it will be hosting a public launch party in one of Solanas most popular metaverses, Portals!

Get ready to party! Can’t wait to celebrate with the Parcl community in the metaverse!

Parcl Referral Rewards Program in Collaboration with the HOA

Parcl will be collaborating with the HOA for a new referral rewards program that will allow HOA NFT Holders to receive rewards for referring their friends to the Parcl Protocol. Boosted rewards anyone? 👀

International HOA Collection(s)

The HOA will be dropping a new global HOA collection where all existing HOA NFT holders will be eligible for a free mint.

Guess which international cities will be a part of the HOA collection 🌇

2023 Q2

Persistent HOA Staking

🥩More details soon🥩

Parcl / HOA x Suh Family Foundation Home Giveaway Key Handover Event

Around April 2022, Parcl collaborated with the HOA and Suh Family Foundation to giveaway a home for a family that was impacted by the housing market.

In the new year, the winner of the home giveaway contest will be presented the keys to their new home

IRL Launch Party

To celebrate the public launch of the Parcl Protocol, Parcl is very excited to invite the community to the Parcl Launch Party!

More Parcl Markets

One of Parcl’s main goals is to enable everyone around the world to invest in global Real Estate markets. To achieve this, Parcl is looking to launch several global cities and neighborhoods such as Paris, London, Singapore and several major metros in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates!


Parcl is very excited to embark on this new journey in 2023, alongside the Parcl community. It’s only just the beginning!

Parcl Team
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