Parcl Points Season 3: The Final Chapter

Published on
February 28, 2024

Parcl Points Season 3: The Final Chapter


  • The final season of Points is launching on Friday, March 1st, 2024
  • Core Points rates increasing slightly. LPs will now earn 5 Points per USDC per day (up from 4). Trading 2.5 Points per USDC per day (up from 2). The HOA boost is unchanged at 20% for the first and 5% thereafter.
  • Liquidation Facilitators: a new way for technical users to earn Points. Each successful liquidation will earn 50,000 Points.
  • A Consistency & Loyalty snapshot was taken on 2/23 (midday UTC). The boost rates & qualification details can be found in the table below. HOA holders with at least 70% of the HOAs held on 1/24 are eligible for a maximum boost (30%).
  • Exchange Settings: Taker fee rising from 10bps to 15bps. The maker fee is unchanged at 2bps.
  • UI/UX: The LP Migration unlocks powerful tools for LP performance analysis and market insight, featuring LP Share Price Charts and historical data on trading volumes and fees.

Parcl is thrilled to announce the commencement of the third and final Season of the Parcl Points Trilogy, launching on Friday, March 1st, 2024. This season expands upon the successful foundation laid in previous seasons by introducing more ways to earn Points, more loyalty & consistency boosts, increased yields for LPs, enhanced dApp UI, new markets, and more.

Key Season Three Highlights:

  • Enhanced Snapshot Boost Tiers: Season Three introduces a new Points boost structure. On February 23rd, a snapshot captured margin (trading account) balances and LP deposits to establish a multi-tiered points boost structure, building on the January 24th snapshot. To qualify for the February TVL snapshot, you must have held the same or higher amount of total TVL (net LP deposit + margin collateral deposits) that you had on the January snapshot. The boosts given in January to eligible users will remain; you will still receive that boost if you qualified for a 5% or 15% boost in January (depending on HOA ownership). Anyone who meets the qualifications for the new February boost tiers will move into higher tier rates. The intent is to recognize the most consistent depositors & loyal community members and offset any dilution they may notice related to newer participants. This season, there are four new boost tiers (details & table below) for those who made the 2/23 snapshot. These new boosts will appear within the UI when Season 3 starts. Here are the details:
  • February New (5%): You qualify if you had a positive margin (trading account) or active LP deposit (aka positive TVL) of over 1 USDC in the February 23rd snapshot.
  • February Base (15%): You must have qualified for the January TVL snapshot AND meet the February 23rd TVL snapshot criteria with more than 1 USDC locked. HOA holders can qualify by having only met the February TVL snapshot but both the January & February HOA snapshots. HOA holders must have held at least 70% of their January 24th HOAs by the February 23rd snapshot to qualify for the latter.
  • February Mid (20%): Must have the February Base TVL qualifications AND have had positive TVL on 12/16 (Points launch). HOA holders can qualify by having met both the January & February TVL snapshot but just the February HOA snapshot (added an HOA in Season 2).
  • February Plus (30%): To qualify for the max February snapshot boost, you must have met the January and February snapshots for both TVL & HOA holding criteria.
  • Increase in Core Points: Season Two saw traders earning 2 Points daily per USDC in Open Interest and LPs getting 4 Points per USDC. In the final Season Three, the Points rates move slightly higher, with 5 points per USDC for LPs and 2.5 points per USDC for open interest.
  • HOA Holders: This season continues ongoing rewards for HOA holders. The HOA boost remains unchanged at 20% for the first HOA and 5% for additional holdings. Given the loyalty/consistency boost is the final boost applied, long-term, loyal HOA holders stand to benefit the most this season.
  • Expanding Opportunities for Advanced Users: Season Three introduces a new Liquidation Facilitators feature, unlocking additional rewards for technically skilled Parcl power users. Eligible users can earn 50,000 Points for each successful liquidation facilitated.
  • New Trading Markets: As always, with each new season comes new markets. Over the next several weeks, Parcl will propose additional trading markets. As usual, community feedback will inform new market additions. Further details will be shared soon.

Architectural Enhancements and UI/UX Upgrades

Architectural enhancements

  • Another Fee Increase for LPs: Taker trading fees are rising from 10bps to 15bps. This increase is intended to further enhance LP’s performance. The LP share of fees generated will remain at 80%. This upgrade will be rolling out within the coming days.

UI/UX enhancements

  • LP Share Price Chart: LPs can now visualize their financial journey with the new LP Share Price Chart. This feature allows LPs to track the historical price movements of their 'LP shares' over different timeframes, providing a deeper understanding of exchange performance trends. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.
  • Historical Trading Notional Volumes: To enhance LPs' market awareness, Parcl is introducing a graph that showcases daily trading volumes over various periods. This visual representation of trading activity will help LPs gauge market trends and fluctuations. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.
  • Historical Trading Fees: Complementing the trading notional volume graph is a feature that displays historical trading fees. This enhancement gives LPs a clearer picture of fees earned by the exchange & LP pool over time. This will be rolling out within the coming weeks.

The Journey Ahead

Season Three will mark the final chapter of the initial Parcl Points Trilogy. The next phase of growth for the Parcl Ecosystem will kick off shortly thereafter, and Point holders will be a very important constituency on Parcl’s decentralization journey.

As announced by Parcl Limited, users participating in forthcoming network governance will have access to future protocol incentive programs where eligible.

The Homeowners Association remains the North Star for Parcl’s power players. HOA holders can anticipate a continuation of special protocol perks (such as boosts within incentive programs) and more in Season Three and beyond.

As the Parcl community ventures into these new phases, consistent & loyal participation will remain your key to opportunity. For more details and to take the first step towards a more authentic and rewarding real estate trading experience, visit the Parcl dApp site to get involved now.

Discover how Parcl is redefining real-world assets, and stay tuned for more exciting updates by following on X.

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