Search For A #SOLmate

Published on
February 14, 2023

Search for a #SOLmate 💌

🗓  (”February 14th - February 28th”)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Parcl!

As the crypto winter nights get colder and lonelier, the quest to find the perfect #SOLmate begins. Parcl’s mission is to bring real estate to everyone, and this Valentine’s Day, we’re spreading the love throughout the Solana community.

Many projects have helped shape what Solana is today, and Parcl wants to show appreciation to those truly bringing value to the ecosystem.

The search begins with old friends, the ones that helped Parcl from the very beginning. They provided support during the most critical periods of development and growth and were there from day one to help us build something special.

Join our quest to find love this Valentine’s Day. And find your #SOLmate along the way.

#SOLmate NFT – Valentine’s Day Collectable 🎁

To say thank you to all of the communities looking for a #SOLmate – all holders will have access to mint a soulbound Valentine’s Day NFT. Note: the NFT is non-transferable.

Everyone will mint the same mystery box, but the surprise comes when you perform an action on the Parcl Protocol that evolves the NFT. Communities will gain access in the order in which the postcards are published on Parcl’s Twitter.

Only the Evolved Valentine’s Day NFT grants you access to the Parcl Protocol

For a complete list of communities that can mint and an archive of postcards, visit the official The Searchfor a #SOLmate landing page.

Be sure to follow on Twitter to know exactly how you can access Parcl and begin trading real estate on the Parcl Protocol.*

You can only mint the soulbound NFT if your community receives a postcard. If your community hasn’t yet received a postcard and you want to mint a Valentine’s day surprise to gain access to the Parcl Protocol, tag @Parcl and your NFT community on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Accessing Parcl from United States (US) is restricted at this time. For more information view the Terms of Use.

How to participate?

  1. Check to see if a community you are a part of has received a postcard
  2. Once a postcard has been sent, members of that community will be able to mint a soul-bound #SOLmate NFT
  3. The Valentine’s Day NFT will grant the user access to the Parcl Protocol
  4. To reveal the NFT you opt-in to the trading contest on and perform a trade* ($2 minimum)
  5. You can participate in the trading contest from Feb 14-Feb 28 to win additional prizes

For more details, visit: The Search for a #SOLmate landing page.

*Disclaimer: Trading for U.S. Residents and residents of other restricted jurisdictions is prohibited at this time. Please see the terms for more details.

For The Love of Real Estate Trading Contest 🏆

📅 February 14th 00:00 UTC –  February 28th 23:59 UTC

To kick off the Valentine’s Day campaign, Parcl will be hosting a trading competition for all users.

Participate in the contest and climb the leaderboard to be eligible for prizes from some of our favorite communities: Famous Fox Federation, Catalina Whale Mixer, and Orcanauts.

How to win

Be in the top ten traders with the most total $ USDC gained over the competition period.

  • Only trades opened during the contest time period will be counted.
  • Closing of positions is not required.

Please read the official Trading Contest blog post for more details: Click Here


How to mint the Valentine’s Day NFT?

  1. Visit the [CAMPAIGN NAME] Landing Page
  2. Check to see if your community has been added to the allow list
  3. Mint your #SOLmate NFT via the sign up form
  4. Check your email to reveal “Claim Link”
  5. Mint! (these are soulbound and are non-transferable)

How do I evolve the Valentine’s Day NFT?

  1. Have your wallet connected that hold the #SOLmate NFT
  2. Visit and Connect Wallet
  3. Opt-in to the "For The Love of Real Estate Trading Contest"
  4. Perform a minimum trade of $2USDC in any market.
  5. NFT evolving can take up to 2-3 business days.

Still have questions?

Submit a ticket in Discord and a community rep will assist you.

Parcl Team
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